Food Licence Training & Registration

Registration Details

We have world class online payments systems, safe secure, and you can book your course for online or in person delivery with us. The booking gives you a booklet for the verification, and access to the record templates required by council, including practical support to ensure you pass your council verification. In Auckland we deliver the course in person, and If you are outside Auckland, we offer the course online, so sign up for the training. Cost is $230


AT NZBA, we have done a lot of the complicated stuff, cause if you are anything like us, you want to know what’s in it for me, and what support can I get. So, we have made a simplified and customised course, that any person, no matter their literacy level, can take with us, and run a food business under our support and food licence registration scheme.  This course is ideal for people who want to create a supplementary income, which as we know is now more important than ever. That is why we have created this programme to help people on low, or who need extra income. 

We give training to address questions and provide practical tips on the following points: 

  • Steps to a Food licence registration
  • How stallholders should and can prepare food in an approved manner under current regulations
  • City Council Check Process
  • Assistance to get your registration
  • Mentoring to pass the verification from the council 

Course Benefits 

  • Reduce your launch costs to and sell through NZBA
  • Join our market in Auckland.
  • Mentoring and support to transition into a food truck operation and a future restaurant.


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